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Jun 22

Budget Fun: PART TWO

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My dear friends at the Ypsilanti Courier (located in Belleville for your convenience) published an article a week or so ago that said, “New budget calls for cuts.”

When the folks from the Ann Arbor News also published their article on the budget it stated, “Ypsilanti City Council adopts budget with millage increase, reduction in services.”

For the month of May, Ypsilanti City Council held five specific public sessions to discuss the budget. No one in our local media has yet to mention that City Council has authorized the Police Department to hire two part-time officers in this budget cycle.

Seriously. Look at 7 of 88 under 307 – Police Services. In Account Number 707-01, there is $73,379 in FYE 2009 and $75,580 in FYE 2010 to pay for two part-time cops.

It’s like the newspapers use random news article generators to write articles.

We are going to hire part-time cops. Councils before us tried to do this and were never successful. Sometimes we do stuff right. Give us a little credit.

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  1. Comment by My HERO!
    June 22, 2008 @ 9:09 pm

    That information did appear in one of the articles I read – the one where it mentioned that the police department was losing a sergeant position but the funds saved would in part be used to try to hire a couple of part-time officers.

    …or maybe I just dreamed it?

  2. Comment by Steve Pierce
    June 23, 2008 @ 3:16 pm

    Again they are cutting a position but not cutting staff. One guy is retiring and they are reorganizing the department.

    That is exactly what the Blue Ribbon Committee Subcommittee on Regionalization recommended, when people leave or retire take that opportunity to reorganize to save money.

    – Steve

  3. Comment by brobb
    June 24, 2008 @ 10:13 am

    Hero, I have to be honest. Interns write these entries weeks in advance and sometimes they pile up. This one was originally written the day the Ann Arbor News article I linked to above was published.

    I’m a bit surprised they finally did mention the part-time officers, but the point is still the same. Their perpetual view of Ypsilanti is that we are a land-locked 4.2 square miles of cash-strapped heaven wherein we are always struggling to pay the bills due to so much land being off the tax rolls despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Water Street.

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