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Aug 15

A Song In Your Heart Is Karaoke For The Voices In Your Head

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I may have inadvertently set back City of Ypsilanti / Eastern Michigan University relations 50 years.

Yesterday was the big kick-off event for the 30th anniversary of the Heritage Festival. The event was held at the home of EMU’s new President, Dr. Susan Martin. Every year is a big event with local celebrities hob knobbing with other local dignitaries, but for some reason, this year seemed even more special.

Having not had the opportunity to meet Dr. Martin, I was very excited at the opportunity. I had been practicing what I’d say all day and when the circumstances were right, I walked up to her and introduced myself. Seeing that it was a Thursday and all, I invited her to MoFo Karaoke at the Elbow Room.

Long story short, she must have misunderstood what I was saying and possibly thought I was swearing at her. Fortunately for me, security must have been light and I was able to slip away before security could find me.

I don’t know how many billboards we’ll have to give EMU to make up for this one.

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