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Dec 04

Totally Unrelated, Part TWO

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At Tuesday’s Ypsilanti City Council meeting, the matter of Brandy’s Party Store was revisited. A mob (albeit a smaller mob than the November 18th group) of residents from the Midtown Neighborhood Association told a different story about the beleagued store than we heard on November 18th. Their testimony resulted in Council reconsidering the resolution to delay the decision to go to court and portray the party store as a nuisance to the neighborhood that needed to be closed and boarded up.

After much struggling with Robert’s Rules of Order, the motion was finally split into two portions; one to recommend the issue to the Human Relations Commission, and one to delay the court case 60 days. Council changed its mind and voted against sending the matter to the HRC despite them already having informed Council that reviewing this incident was not in the scope of their mission. Council then voted to delay the decision to go to court and portray the party store as a nuisance to the neighborhood that needed to be closed and boarded up.

The resolution was vague and without purpose so it was difficult to determine if Council delayed the court case 60 days from the original December 15th date or from the date the resolution was approved. If it is a case of the latter, then by reconsidering the original resolution, Council reset the clock and added a 15 days to the original 60 when it was passed on November 18th.

In totally unrelated news, the Ann Arbor News reported yesterday about a woman who was robbed after meeting a stranger at a local liquor store and then going home to watch movies and drink. Later that evening security guard at the liquor store intervened and tackled the alleged robber only to have him get away.

Totally unrelated.


  1. Comment by nammeroo
    December 4, 2008 @ 12:07 pm

    I hope that this whole business has taught the City Council a valuable lesson about the real worth of keeping a Human Relations Commission around for the tough jobs.

    I also especially appreciate one Councilmember’s dogged insistence on painting her constituents in Midtown as racists because they have taken action and spoken out against Brandy’s deplorable business practices. I can’t find that part in the City Council Handbook of Respectful Behavior, so it must be in the graduate course. As for me, I never went beyond the elementary level, otherwise known as the Golden Rule.

  2. Comment by Steve Pierce
    December 4, 2008 @ 10:55 pm

    I think the woman was robbed while the owners of Brandy’s were attending the City Council meeting. However, that was probably unrelated too.

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